Hear What People Have To Say About Our Products:

"I went running for the first time in 3 years and pulled a muscle in my hip that caused me immense pain. I was unable to walk without a limp for the first day until I started applying the 1000 mg original salve to my affected area and within minutes I was mobile again. By the second day, I noticed a huge reduction in my pain levels and by the third day my pain was completely gone. The salve works wonders for my pain management. I 100% recommend this product!!!!" - Melinda L.


"Best CBD around, no question. You don't get anything but good, quality product, purely medicinal. I can live a little better with a lot less pain without all the nonsense coming from the other brands that have unwanted effects. I highly recommend Cool Beans Distillate, great product, good people." - Dick Ives


"I love it. I have bad ankle and shoulder problems, and the tincture has been helping immensely. I really like the mango mint flavor too!" - Brandee M.


"Works like a charm! Instantly relieves pain and helps with recovery. I use it for my boxing training and my girlfriend uses it for volleyball. I recommend this to everyone that does some type of sport or strenuous activity." - Aaron M.


"The Sunny Citrus 1000mg CBD cannabis tincture is a gift from the gods! ½ a dropper of this in the morning & the day couldn't be better. Highly recommend to experienced consumers looking for a mellow, but stimulated mood. Great for focus, motivation, appetite control & overall mental happiness!" - Jewel