Not all CBD products are created equal, and with the rise of CBD wellness as a national trend, plenty of unscrupulous manufacturers are jumping into the market, pushing various preparations that are questionable at best, and at worst, downright dangerous!

A recent news story illustrates this issue all too well, and it illuminates another issue that is creeping into the CBD world. At Cool Beans Distillate, we always lead with the truth, and one of the things we have often said to our customers is that CBD is very subtle in its up-front (read: "noticeable") effects. People coming to CBD wellness practice from the traditional recreational or medical cannabis world often struggle to decide if CBD is "working" for them because there is very little to no psychotropic effect: that is, CBD doesn't make you feel "high" (after all, that's one of the many reasons why people are interested in using it!) That being the case, it's no great surprise to us here at Cool Beans Distillate that somebody would try and exploit, or capitalize on that very point.

Back in the 19th Century, during the "snake oil" craze (and yes, "snake oil" was a thing) all manner of questionable material was put into bottles and sold to the great unsuspecting masses as "tonics", "elixirs" and "cure-alls". Generally speaking, most of the ingredients were inert and--for the most part--harmless herbal inclusions suspended in brandy or another mild spirit.

However, as time went on and more and more people began to suspect they'd been sold a bottle of bunk (typically after they'd noticed no effect from the potion, and the purveyor had long-since left town), the shysters figured out a way to dodge the criticism and apparent inertness of their concoctions with one simple trick: instead or brandy or another low-alcohol cordial, they started making their snake-oil with high-proof grain alcohol. Yeah. That's another word for MOONSHINE.

One or two sips of that and the "patient" would definitely begin to feel it. This psychological trick would then have the buyer saying "Well, this stuff must be the real deal. I sure can feel something happening!"

And this slight-of-hand trick is not really different from the news story above. CBD's effects on the mind are very subtle. So much so that at times a new user may question if it's "doing" something for them at all. Dirty companies were inevitably going to try and exploit this by including other compounds and adulterants that do elicit a noticeable psychotropic response, then tout "Our CBD is more potent! See? You can FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!"

Again, CBD has very little "head" effect, aside from a mild relaxation, mood stabilization, and a feeling of over-all wellness, even at higher doses. If you take any CBD product, at any concentration or potency, and feel woozy, light-headed, confused, sedated, or "high", we STRONGLY recommend you STOP taking it immediately, and contact the manufacturer, or better yet, look for another product manufacturer, be it us, or another well-reviewed, reputable company.

CBD should not make you feel "high". Period.

Know the company. Know the product. Know its ingredients. Cool Beans Distillate will ALWAYS fully disclose ALL active and non-active ingredients in every product we develop and provide to you, so you'll always know what you're taking.

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