The world of CBD therapies is pretty vast these days, as we're sure you're aware. You can hardly go anywhere and not see CBD products of various kinds, promising everything from “enhanced sexual performance” to “memory enhancement” to “helps regrow your own natural hair!” Spurious claims, indeed. But one question we regularly get asked is “How do I know it's working?"

The reason for this repeated question was touched upon in earlier posts: there is little to no “head” or “drug-like” effect from taking CBD (and if you actually get one from a product, we question its legitimacy and safety!) CBD does not get you “high”. That's a benefit. But for those who are coming to CBD wellness from the medical or recreational cannabis angle, it can make discerning effectiveness more of a challenge.

What we at Cool Beans Distillates recommend is this: practice listening to your body. We don't mean that in a “woo-woo hippie” sort of way (but shout out to all the woo-woo hippies out there! If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be here!) By that, we mean really listening to your body. And maybe take notes!

When you're in pain, it's easy to hear your body, because it's likely shouting at you. But what about when you actually feel halfway decent? How often do you recognize when your body says “Yeah, hey, that's nice!” or “Yep. All systems GO!” When things are going well, we tend to take that for granted, and worse: ignore it. This time when your body feels its best (whatever that “best” means to you) is an important benchmark. Knowing this state will help you judge when a therapy of any kind is either helping or not.

CBD as an acute treatment is a subtle thing. If you break your wrist, sure, take CBD, but GO TO THE DOCTOR! Even the crew at Cool Beans Distillates wouldn't try to muscle through that with CBD alone. That's why we recommend that a person use CBD regularly, in times of comfort and in times of pain, and maintain a “rolling” level of cannabidiol in their systems to help the body get to where it wants to be: homeostasis. CBD is reported to aid the body in reducing inflammation system-wide, reduce the severity of pain, and help relax both mind and body.

But you won't be able to listen to your body telling you “Yeah. I feel a little better than I did yesterday!” and you'll get none of that benefit—subtle or otherwise—if you don't have it in you!